See cycling in a new light

As a regular Jersey cyclist, you’re bound to know all the quirks of local cycle routes like the back of your handlebars… so, why not become a cycling service provider and be part of the solution.

Powered by Digital Jersey

LifeCycle is a pioneering initiative to improve cycling island-wide, informed directly by the day-to-day journeys of local cyclists, just like you.

Improve cycling in Jersey

By recording your journey data through an innovative See.Sense safety bike light, LifeCycle will make this anonymised data available to trusted organisations to inform improvements to cycling in Jersey.

Share your data through a See.Sense light

As well as being a top-of-the-range bike light, the light collects data insights into the rider’s experience. Putting all these insights together will create a powerful database to help local organisations make cycling in Jersey safer and smarter.

Get in the saddle and help us improve cycling across the island!

Jersey’s first data trust

LifeCycle will be Jersey’s first Data Trust.

The trust has been established to collect, protect and analyse Jersey cycling data and is overseen by professional trustees.

The trustees are empowered to securely share anonymised data and insights with approved organisations seeking to improve cycling conditions in Jersey according to the terms of the trust.

It's easy to get involved

If you regularly travel by bike in Jersey and are over 18, then you're eligible to take part in LifeCycle. All you need to do is sign up, pick up a See.Sense light from Digital Jersey Hub, attach that to your bike, download the app, turn it on to log your journey and away you go!

How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up and collected the See.Sense bike light from Digital Jersey Hub, attach that to your bike, download the app and get started!

Press the on button and pop your phone in your pocket to record a journey and just ride exactly as you normally would, happy in the knowledge that you’re making a positive difference to Jersey’s cycle routes.

Your journey data will be stored securely in Jersey and overseen by the LifeCycle trustees. Organisations can apply to the trustees to access anonymous data insights as long as they intend to use the data to make decisions which will improve cycling in Jersey.

Ready to see cycling in a new light?