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LifeCycle Data Insights Now Available for Sharing

Cyclists in Jersey participating in the pilot of the LifeCycle Data Trust have been collecting journey data on behalf of LifeCycle since March 2023, covering over 100,000 km around the island in the process.

LifeCycle Data Trust - Data Statement

The LifeCycle Trustees have contracted with all cyclists participating in the LifeCycle Data Trust pilot (the Cyclists). In order to participate, Cyclists were asked to answer a number of mandatory and optional questions about themselves. This data is self-reported, unverified information.

Illuminating Success: Lifecycle’s Journey So Far

Take a look at the progress Lifecycle's cyclists have made so far!

Digital Jersey launches a world first data trust

Digital Jersey has established the first 'data trust' under Jersey Trust Law, through a pilot project that forms part of the organisation’s strategy to position Jersey as a leading jurisdiction for data stewardship.

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