Got a question? We’ve got you covered! Here are some frequently asked questions which might help…

The light isn’t working! What do I do?

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the See.Sense light, but don’t worry! If the light isn’t working, the best thing to do is get in touch with our partners See.Sense directly by clicking here – they’re the experts and they’ll be able to advise you further.

Who can access my data?

Only the trustees and individuals vetted and appointed by them for the purposes of operating LifeCycle or complying with the law can access your individual data (for example data analysts and engineers).

Your data is protected according to Jersey’s data protection law.

Only pooled and anonymised data will be shared with third party organisations according to the terms of the data trust.

Is my data safe?

Your data is collected and stored using See.Sense and Calligo technology. They apply industry standard cyber-security protocols to their platforms to protect the data.

Calligo will host the data for the trust on-island and has achieved multiple certification standards relating to security of data including ISO27001:2013 & SOC 2-Type 2 qualification. More information can be found here.

See.Sense data is hosted in AWS’s EU-West-1 datacentre in Dublin and follows the appropriate security protocols in the AWS cloud servers.

The data from the devices will be encrypted in transit and on-rest to ensure maximum security.

Who is my data being shared with?

Your individual data will not be shared outside of LifeCycle without your express permission. The trustees will pool cyclists’ data and be required to anonymise it before sharing any insights with third party organisations.

The trustees are also there to vet the organisations who want to see the LifeCycle data insights, make sure that they will keep data insights secure and comply with data protection requirements and that the data will be used to inform them about how to improve cycling in Jersey.

Organisations will be able to apply to access LifeCycle data insights and it will be at the discretion of the trustees whether to approve requests. The trustees will tell participating cyclists which organisations have accessed data and for what purpose.

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